Gaining Access to the DistrictView Dashboard

The main school district contacts and First Student Location Manager will be granted 'Owner' access to the DistrictView Dashboard once on-boarded into FirstView. As an owner, these users have the admin rights to grant/revoke access to additional users. The district/depot are responsible for granting access to new users and any questions about access should be directed to your district's transportation department or First Student Location Manager.

For information on inviting/revoking access to new users: Signing On & Inviting New Users

Confirm Account/Reset Password

If you have been granted access to the Dashboard and have not yet confirmed your account, you will not be able to log into the Dashboard or successfully change your password. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the confirmation, reset password, or unlock instructions email. You can click the link or copy/paste the url into your web browser. Once your account is confirmed, you will be able to use the same credentials to log into the ParentView App. The ParentView App may require additional codes to track a bus stop in the app which are accessible in your DistrictView Dashboard. 

Confirmation/Password Reset Email Link

If you are having issues clicking the link in your confirmation or password reset email, please copy/paste the full link url into the address bar of your browser. If this link does not load for you, your IT department may have security measures in place to block suspicious or unsecured links in incoming emails. Please reach out to add to the trusted sites.
For First Student Users: If this problem persists, please reach out to the IT Service Desk and reference 'FirstView Email Link Security Issue'.

FOCUS FirstView Dashboard Link Not Working

If you are experiencing an issue when clicking the 'FirstView Dashboard' link in FOCUS, please type directly into your browser and bookmark this link for future access. Customer Support is aware the direct link from FOCUS to FirstView doesn’t work for all locations. This is an IT related issue due to how FOCUS is configured for your location; the only current work around is to access the DistrictView Dashboard outside of FOCUS.