Managing Users:

On the main district page, Administrators can have access to see all schools, routes, students, stops, and app users within the District.  District "Owners" can also invite Dashboard users and can manage Dashboard user accounts. The manage user page can be located by clicking on your name in the top right corner, and selecting "Manage Users" in the drop down menu. Once clicked, you will be brought to the manage users page.

From this page you can view information about each user. By clicking the [+] icon, you can see the users permission level, as well as what schools and/or districts they are associated with. Admins can temporarily suspend or revoke a user's FirstView account privileges if necessary. Suspension and revoking of accounts are handled at the district level, not by First Student or the FirstView Team.

To update the spelling of a user's name, email address, or password, please contact

Changing an Existing User's Permissions:

If you would like to edit a user's access, you'll need to send a new invite with the updated permission settings. To do this, first go to the Manage Users page and revoke that user's access. Once their access is revoked, you can send a new invite. In the top right, select "Invite User" and enter that user's information. Once complete, send the invitation. The user will receive an email that details the changes made, and they can then log back into the DistrictView, viewing it with their new permission settings.