What is the Dashboard?

Superintendents, principals, and Transportation Directors need clarity to run a school district - quick information that answers parents' questions and keeps your schools running like well-oiled machines. The FirstView DistrictView Dashboard centralizes critical transportation data for efficient decision making, performance improvement opportunities, and increased customer service. Let the DistrictView Dashboard, First Student's web-based bus tracking tool, be your transportation communications resource for all transportation and/or district-related messages.

*Please note: The DistrictView Dashboard is a web-based tool available via desktop browser only and is not accessible on mobile devices via the web browser or the downloadable FirstView ParentView App. The Dashboard should be used as a tool to aid parents with bus tracking questions and should not be used for route performance analysis or student bus stop assignments. 

What Can the Dashboard Do?

Some of the main features include:

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Why Use the Dashboard?

Below are some reasons that calls are made to our locations and your district offices, along with how those calls can affect your daily productivity.

Inclement weather delays can disrupt the entire day. For students with autism, deviation from their schedule can cost them an entire day of learning as it’s sometimes impossible for them to recover from that.

Parents are affected just as much as students are; many times, parents have to make alternate arrangements which may also cause them issues at work. Many times, transportation delays results in missing after school activities and family commitments. Parents understand that there will delays, but they also want to know why.  This is another level of transparency that FirstView can provide to them.

District Administrators:
Many parents talk about children being marked tardy or absent because administrators were unaware of bus delays. Phone calls from angry parents can prevent administrators from focusing on other job responsibilities. Principals in one school district that we spoke to said they have waited for upwards of an hour for a bus to show up. Having to contact the bus depot, wait on the phone while the depot radios to the bus and the driver give their location...valuable time is being spent just trying to find out where buses are!

The DistrictView Dashboard was created and designed to resolve and prevent the above issues, as well as to boost productivity and efficiency. This makes your job easier and parents happier.

Tracking Disclaimer: The DistrictView Dashboard shows data that has been collected from the GPS device installed on a bus. There are many factors that may inhibit the ability to capture live GPS data. For this reason, the Dashboard should be used as a tool to aid parents with busing questions, and should not be used for route performance analysis.