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When will the buses show up? How can I see when students will be picked up or dropped off? FirstView is the comprehensive and secure school bus tracking, communications and engagement tool for parents, school administrators and transportation management teams. Powered by First Student, FirstView gives our school districts partners the transportation information they need most through the District Dashboard, then sends that information to parents and families via the ParentView App. Contact us for more information.

Gives school administrators live time access to transportation and logistics information.

Puts reliable transportation information into the hands of your parents.

Why is FirstView the Best Product on the Market?

  • Data, Operations & Software Integration
  • FirstView is only as good as the team of people behind it, the processes followed, and the information input into the program. Integration within our FOCUS program analyzes all student, route, and vehicle GPS data calculating the times of arrivals to stops and schools. This clarity frees administrators and parents from worry.

  • Collaboration
  • It's important FirstView gives you information you need to make your days easier. So we developed FirstView with parents and districts, for parents and districts, holding strong to a commitment to add new features and functionality defined by user feedback.

  • Performance
  • Our teams actively monitor and troubleshoot bus assignments, routes and ETA accuracy so you always have the best available information at your fingertips.

  • User Support
  • We understand that when it comes to your students, knowledge and time are of the essence. Our dedicated FirstView customer support team and 'in-app feedback' facilitates communication between users and support staff.

    Contact the FirstView customer support team Monday – Friday from :700am - 5:00pm EST.