Are you a parent looking for help with the ParentView app? Answers to the most frequently asked questions are available in the app FAQ or by reaching out to Customer Support.

How do I remove my account?

To delete your account or unsubscribe from notifications for your student's profile:

1. Select Profile > Your Student's Name > Delete Student
2. Select Profile > Delete Account

This will remove your profile from FirstView ParentView and you will no longer be subscribed to bus tracking notifications. Note: If your email is listed as a 'Notification Recipient' in another user's account, you may still receive email alerts. 

How does tracking in the app work?

The app is designed to provide you with a better guideline for bus location and arrival times. We are continually working with our developers to improve the speed in which we can push data to the app. 

The FirstView app database requests updated GPS signals every 10-15 seconds but at times you may find the bus displayed on the app may be off by a few minutes. This is due to multiple factors; such as stopping at a stop longer than usual, not servicing at a couple of stops along the route, the route being driven out of scheduled order, there’s traffic and the bus had detoured, weather, a malfunctioning gps unit, etc. It can take a few minutes to detect a change in the bus location, pace, and direction to begin the recalculating process to update the status or trigger alerts, which in turn can result in a slight delay in tracking information.

Driver's do not have the ability to turn the GPS off/on. 

Does the app track sports or after school buses?

Extracurricular, activity, or after-school programs are not currently trackable in the ParentView as we currently only track traditional home-to-school routes. If this is a 'late' bus route, we recommend reaching out to the district's transportation department or the bus depot to inquire about if this route is available for student's to be added for the program.

Will the app track on half days or delays due to weather?

The app currently does not have the functionality to track the bus location or provide notifications when there are late starts and/or early releases. It also will not track any same day delays due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. 

Why can't I download the app?

The app is available to download in the following countries:


United Kingdom
United States- includes 7 locations - American Samoa, Guam, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana, Palau, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.  

If your Google or iCloud account was created outside of one of these countries, you may not be able to download to app in the app store. You can always access tracking via the web at