11/1/2023 7:00am ET - All Districts (**Status: CLOSED**)

    • Issue: Users reporting slow load times and "Update Failed" message in app and dashboard.
    • Impact: GPS data may not refresh and tracking may be unavailable during peak tracking windows.
    • Resolution: Root log issue created a data latency issue and was resolved within 24 hours. Tracking is now available and reports of issues have been resolved.  

10/16/2023 12:00am ET - All Districts (**Status: CLOSED**)

    • Issue: Users who have recently upgraded to the Google Pixel 8 are not able to launch the ParentView app.
    • Impact: It does not appear that this device is supported at this time. We have escalated this to our developers for review.
    • Resolution: App is now working on Google Pixel 8. Please delete and reinstall. Additional Workaround available for users by accessing FirstView via their browser at web.firstviewapp.com.